A lost white girl

I used to think that if I befriended all backgrounds, avoided using clichés about people, and treated everyone the same, I would be considered an open-minded, non-biased, pro-people kind of person. I grew up in a hyper-race-conscious household (take that as you'd like), and my way of rebelling (of sorts) was to become a tad more liberal and question why many white people take it SO hard when their personal biases are highlighted and questioned. I don't want to feel uncomfortable talking about race. I don't want my hair to bristle when I heard the term "white privilege." And I definitely don't want to be ignorant about how I can do my part to be culturally sensitive and inspire open-minded

Must See Live: Breaking Free of Barriers and Bullying

Watch the video on our Events Page. Such an eye-opener conversation today. Susan O'Halloran is an expert facilitator and storyteller who helps guide groups within companies, universities and beyond to transform relationships and break down barriers that often relate to race and prejudice. She and Arielle discussed ways to overcome the divisions, judgments, and barriers that cause us harm and are creating a culture of bullying. Sue has been featured in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, PBS, and ABC Nightline. Learn more about Sue on her websites and her incredible contributions to building bridges at and A conversation about

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