Must See Live: Unlocking Human Cages

Watch the video now on our Events Page. MiAngel Cody wanted to be an activist since she was a teenager. Now she picks locks to human cages by defending hundreds of people in federal court and achieving a range of courtroom victories - from jury acquittals to successful federal appeals to significantly reduced sentences. In their live chat today, she and Arielle discussed the false assumptions around inmates, the school-to-prison pipeline, and the reforms that are necessary to revolutionize a racist, antiquated, unjust system. MiAngel is the founder & executive director of The Decarceration Collective. She has won presidential clemency and freedom for five prisoners serving life sentences.

Grant Application Angst

I'm writing this as a break from working on a grant app for the Chicago Digital Media Production Grant. On paper it seems to fit our project perfectly. I hope they think so too! Last year I missed finding out about the grant and the deadline by just a few days. This year, while I've had it flagged in my inbox for weeks, I'm working on this just under the wire. The grant is due on Monday! This reminds me of my all too familiar scramble to finish papers the night before in high school and college--not pretty. Thankfully, Heather is helping. And thankfully, we already have a completed pilot and a more solid understanding of what we're doing. Now to articulate this all with language...Tha

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