What does it mean to "Belong" in the USA?

When we hosted our first live screening of our pilot episode, we asked audience members to fill out a few questions before the screening started. The first one was: When you hear the phrase “Belonging in the USA” what does it evoke? Here are some of the answers we got: Well, I ask the question who really belongs in the USA? Don’t we all. There are so many people & so many stories. How did we all get here & why? It’s such an incredible concept...the USA. Bringing the world together in this country & creating something new. A feeling of inclusion or not being included. FEAR The desire for us all to understand and fit in to this country that seems the most divisive and polarized it has been

Must See Live: A Conversation with Michael D. McCarty

Watch the conversation on our Facebook Page! Our pilot episode of Belonging in the USA has touched many hearts, uplifted many souls, and changed many lives. Michael D McCarty's story of perseverance is one of a kind, and we were honored to share it first. Michael joined us live in conversation about what he thought of the episode, his experience making the episode, and the reactions he received from people. Meet him, and in the comment section, ask him any lingering questions you might have after having screened the episode! Our takeaways... 1) Belonging is something we're all searching for. You find it when you find your place and purpose and realize that you're here for something unique.

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