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It is central to our mission to create impactful community gatherings where we use the Belonging docu-series as a springboard for important, potentially uncomfortable conversations about pressing issues that affect us all.  

Past FaceBook Lives

Belonging in the Classroom

June 20, 2018

Belonging is central to our sense of being as human beings. We enter a space and inherently ask ourselves, "do I belong here?" This sense of belonging can make the difference between impassioned learning and progress or complete shut down. 

Join Producer/Director, Arielle Nobile of Belonging in the USA and longtime Spanish and English teacher, JJ Hill, for a discussion about building this sense of belonging and community in classrooms. We will look at both the traditional public school model of classrooms as well as non-traditional classrooms that we might find ourselves in as adults.

Spreading Love

May 9, 2018

Join Arielle Nobile and Tara Clark of Tara Clark Photography as they discuss their mutual passion for spreading love and initiating conversations and connection with other humans amidst a national climate of fear, hate, and tension. Be inspired and learn how you too can bring more love to the planet by your very presence.

Breaking Free of Barriers and Bullying

March 21, 2018

Watch the conversation between Arielle Nóbile and nationally acclaimed diversity expert, Susan O'Halloran as they discuss ways to overcome the divisions, judgements, and barriers that cause us harm and are creating a culture of bullying. 

Unlocking Human Cages

April 25, 2018

Join Arielle Nobile, creator and MiAngel Cody, founder & executive director of The Decarceration Collective (https://thedecarcerationcollective.org/the-attorneys/miangelcody/) as they discuss the false assumptions around inmates, the school-to-prison pipeline, and the reforms that are necessary to revolutionize a racist, antiquated, unjust system.

Ubuntu:  A Beautiful World is Possible

February 21, 2018

Join Arielle Nóbile and YahNé Ndgo in a FB Live deep dive into the meaning of belonging, love, and what it will take to create a beautiful new world with more of both. 

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