A Documentary Series

Building Cross-Cultural Dialogue & Community

Each film in the Belonging in the USA series tells the life story of an individual who we call our "neighbor," (think Mr. Rogers).  We use this term broadly to mean all of us living in this country.  The series is an invitation to get curious about your neighbors near and far and explore how their experiences may or may not be similar to your own.  You will get the feeling that you are in each neighbor's living room, not as a voyeur, but as a part of an intimate conversation. It's an opportunity for you to "meet" some amazing people you might never have a chance to get to know otherwise.  

We believe in radical empathy, feeling so connected to another person's story and experience that all barriers and boundaries disappear.  The superficial falls away.  It no longer matters to you what color, gender, political party, class, accent, or religion they are.

Each film in the series is also framed by historical and cultural influences, wisdom garnered as a result of lived experience, and what "belonging" means to each neighbor in their own life context .   ​We are living in a time when many of us are feeling traumatized by what is happening daily.  Still others of us have led lives where trauma was par for the course.  This series casts light on the history of these traumas and the origins of the divisions that are constantly being exploited by mainstream media. 

Whatever side you fall on in the ever-widening chasm of our political spectrum, the pain points that resurfaced during the 2016 presidential race cannot be avoided any longer.  We need to be engaging in real conversations about what it means to be an "American" now, how we want to define ourselves, and how we want to be seen on the world stage.   

That's why we host free public screenings and public conversations on what the films in the series spark.  These screening events and workshops facilitated by experts in transpersonal dialogue, conflict transformation, and peace will take place around the country.  We create public forums for difficult, uncomfortable conversations around: race, values, privilege, prejudice, bias, what true belonging means in this day and age, how to be better neighbors to one another, and how to embrace our diversity in order to build greater empathy, love, and alignment with our highest values in the world.

If you or someone you know are interested in hosting a screening of the first film in our series or bringing it to your community, please get in touch with us today to find out how you can help bring this work to its audience.  To find out more about upcoming screenings visit our events page.

Our goal is to activate audience into participation in discussion and then greater involvement in their own lives and communities.  We also host inspirational FB Lives on topics such as mass incarceration, racism, belonging, and more.   If you or someone you know would like to propose a topic or be a guest on an upcoming FB Live, please get in touch.


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