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Belonging in the USA

Fundraising for

The Story of the Tsuchiya Family

Currently fundraising for post-production "The Story of the Tsuchiya family" is filmed in Chicagoland and California.  It tells the history of a family of Japanese immigrants and the lives they made for themselves in the US, their subsequent incarceration at the Manzanar Japanese Incarceration Camp during WWII, and what became of them after this harrowing experience. 


The film details the impact to Fumi, born at Manzanar, and Lourdes, Fumi's daughter and her kids as they seek to create a life and identity in a country that told them once upon a time that they didn't belong. 

It's a story about how humans persevere against all odds and the inter-generational trauma of incarceration of all kinds.

The Tsuchiya Story is about how art, family and community keep us going through the darkest periods of history.

Featuring Fumi Knox, Lourdes Nicholls,  Rose Masters and many more.

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