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Host a Screening!

Bring our films (or short excerpts from them) to your community.  Watch this video to see some examples of in-person screenings we've hosted.

It is central to our mission to create accessible, impactful community gatherings, both virtually and in real life, where we use the BELONGING IN THE USA film trilogy as a springboard for important, potentially uncomfortable conversations about pressing issues that affect our ability to be human with one another.  All of our films are available with closed captioning and subtitles in Spanish.

Tell us about you and your community.  

Fill in this form with whatever you know so far about your event and we will get back to you asap to start the conversation about your virtual or in-person screening event.

Type of Event
Number of Screenings
Which film or films are you interested in showing at your event?
Would you like the director and/or cast to attend your screening event for a live Q&A?
Who is your audience/community?
Approximate Audience Size
Are you the final decision maker?
Do you have a budget for this event?
If you do not have a budget, are you willing to make it a fundraising event?

Thanks for submitting!

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