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Belonging in the usa

Slated for
National PBS
Broadcast 2024:

Through artful storytelling, humor and grace, McCarty overcomes the most egregious injustices with style.  This multiple-award winning film, shares the life journey of Michael D. McCarty who even in the face of great obstacles spreads joy wherever he goes.  From aspiring scientist to the Black Panther Party, from FBI target to soldier in Korea, from drug addict to health nut, Michael’s journey proves that no matter what life throws at us, we can find our way through.

"Through her dynamic film about the life of Michael D. McCarty and the discussion that she led after the film, Arielle Nobile nourished our University and enriched our lives through a story about storytelling. This film is both a history lesson and a journey into the cathartic qualities of telling stories."

- James Walsh - CU Denver Professor & Mayoral Candidate 


The Story of Michael D. McCarty

Pilot Episode: Portfolio
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