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Documentary Film Series

Completed & Seeking Wider Distribution:

The Story of Michael D. McCarty

Filmed in LA & Chicago in 2017, the first film in the series shares the journey of a man who even in the face of great obstacles spreads joy wherever he goes.  Follow Michael as he evolves from aspiring scientist to the Black Panther, from FBI target to soldier, from drug addict to health nut.   The twists and turns of Michael’s life will fill you with hope, laughter and a living example of resilience.  

Blending interviews with stop motion animation and archival footage, Michael’s story reminds us how we grow through the challenges life throws our way.

Also featuring Eric Cyrs aka Baba the Storyteller, Barbara ClarkAlicia Partnoy and many more.

Currently in Post & Seeking Distribution:

The Story of Alicia & Antonio

Filmed in Chicago, LA, & New Jersey in 2018, the second film in the Belonging series features the life stories of poet, political activist, and professor Alicia Partnoy and her filmmaker, activist husband Antonio Leiva  both political refugees forced into exile after being imprisoned and tortured for their social justice work during Argentina's genocide of the late 1970s.  Their story is one of the triumph of the human spirit over circumstances, love over hate, and joy over oppression.

Also featuring Ruth Sanabria, Martina Ramirez, Gail Wronsky, Chuck Rosenthal and many more.

Currently in Production & Seeking Post-Production Funding:

The Story of the Tsuchiya Family

Filmed in Oak Park, Los Angeles, Berkeley, & Manzanar, the third film in the series features the journey of Lourdes Nicholls to discover, share, and celebrate the journey of her relatives who were incarcerees at Manzanar, one of California's Japanese Internment camps, during WWI.  The Tsuchiya Family story is about how hope, art, perseverance, and community keep us going through the most difficult times.

Also featuring Rose Masters.

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Pilot Episode: Portfolio
Pilot Episode: Portfolio
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