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  • Heather Marchek-Lopez

Must See Live: Meet our new series Producer!

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We are so grateful to Randi Kalish, who made an extremely generous contribution and recently became part of our Belonging community, that we wanted to introduce her to all of you and share her story about why she wanted to be involved in our project. In our conversation, we talked about the beauty of storytelling, what drew her to the series, what belonging means to her, and why the project will have a lasting impact.

Our takeaways...

1) The most important thing is to be able to understand that every single one of us has a story - and it's not a right story or a wrong story, despite all the messages we receive from others around us.

2) There is no apologizing for the journey you're on - the highs, the lows, the good, the bad - it's part of the whole tapestry. It is what it is, and we create ourselves out of it. We're all creative beings and we're creating our lives.

3) Stories are what connect us - there is a base human level of connection in our stories.

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