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  • Arielle Nobile

2024 Double-feature virtual screening--Tickets on sale!!!!

Now more than ever is a time to remember that we are all interconnected, that we all belong here on this planet, and that we are worthy of empathy, compassion, and love.

When I started work on "Belonging in the USA: Stories from our Neighbors," it was right after the Muslim ban. I started this series because I wanted to be a part of creating a paradigm shift.

It was not the first time that fellow human beings would be dehumanized and told they did not belong. I hoped it would be the last. It wasn't... I could not believe what was happening. Again!

In this world that feels so crazy, we have to do what we can.

Each of us has a unique role to play in creating a more beautiful, more humane world. One thing I know I can do is make films.

Films that get at what we share as humans. Films that inspire. Films that share how people celebrate their own humanity even while being actively and violently dehumanized by the world around them. Films that uplift.

Echo Park Film Center Screening

We began filming "Belonging in the USA: The Story of Michael D. McCarty" in February of 2017. Since we began hosting community screenings in 2018, I know that thousands of people across the world have been impacted by it. I know that the millions of people who will see the film when it finally airs on PBS will be too.

We are about to launch "Belonging in the USA: The Story of Alicia & Antonio" into the world this year. It is unfortunately more important to tell Alicia & Antonio's story now than ever, at a time when the newly elected president and vice-president as well as many citizens are actively denying what transpired there during the dictatorship. Spinning a new version of history and reality...sound familiar?

Because both of these films are more relevant than ever, during part of Black History month and part of Women's History month, you can watch both of these films from the comfort of your own home on your devices (Feb 20-March 13).

We want to make this event as accessible and open to as wide a public as possible which is why we will be offering subtitles in both English and Spanish on both films. And ticket prices range are pay what you can.

However, this is a fundraising event specifically for:

  • post-production for the third and final film in this trilogy, "Belonging in the USA: The Story of the Tsuchiya Family," which wrapped production last summer at the Art Institute of Chicago.

  • funding out ongoing outreach and impact campaigns for the first two films

  • attracting underwriters for PBS.

So please help us spread the word.

Invite your friends to join you for the virtual screening. (There's an option for a special private zoom with me and one of the storytellers for you and up to 20 friends or a one-on-one conversation with me about the films).

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share our posts with your communities.

Last but not least, as a culmination of this event, on March 13th we will gather with folks from around the globe to dive into some deep talk sparked by the films. If you have already seen one or both films and want to join us for that zoom, here is the link to register separately for that event.

As always, I am grateful to you for being a part of this community, to my team for sticking with this project for so many years (especially JJ!), and to Michael, Alicia, Antonio, Lourdes, Fumi, Eric, Barbara, and ALL the many other amazing humans who have helped make this film trilogy possible.

When we show up together, we shift the paradigm.

It takes time. And practice. And patience.

And love. ❤️

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