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  • Arielle Nóbile

What does it mean to "Belong" in the USA?

When we hosted our first live screening of our pilot episode, we asked audience members to fill out a few questions before the screening started. The first one was:

When you hear the phrase “Belonging in the USA” what does it evoke?

Here are some of the answers we got:

  • Well, I ask the question who really belongs in the USA? Don’t we all. There are so many people & so many stories. How did we all get here & why? It’s such an incredible concept...the USA. Bringing the world together in this country & creating something new.

  • A feeling of inclusion or not being included.

  • FEAR

  • The desire for us all to understand and fit in to this country that seems the most divisive and polarized it has been in a long time.

  • It makes me think about the idea that some people feel some people do not belong here, unfortunately. But I also love the word “belonging” in general because I think we have an innate desire to belong.

  • It evokes feelings of diversity, division, and frustration.

  • At this time I am wondering who does belong in the world of Trump. Belonging in the USA means being accepted within the social fabric of what is a great society.

  • Having the right to live and thrive in USA & live the dream of reaching your full potential.

  • Solidarity, camaraderie, embracing & celebrating each other’s backgrounds/experiences/culture--asking each other questions--and not trying to stratify and quantify all the embedded identities we hold within us.

  • A territorial (possibly racist) term

  • It makes me reflective of the people who are treated right now as not belonging.

And that is just a small amount of the nearly 30 responses we received. Clearly, the phrase was evocative and clearly people were already thinking, feeling, connecting to ideas. I know for a fact that some people came into the room having rushed from somewhere else, not having had time for dinner, and yet we still got such thoughtful responses. I am excited to share the full finished pilot episode with you all soon! Stay tuned...

What does the phrase evoke for you? Leave your comments below.

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