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  • Heather Marchek-Lopez

Must See Live: Money Conversation - Fundraising

Raising funds for a project can be daunting! We were lucky to be joined by Marlis Jansen, CEO of The Money Conversation, to discuss successful fundraising strategies and some of the internal work that us creatives must do before we even begin to seek donations for our projects.

With money being the huge taboo it is in our culture, asking for it can be such a big hang-up for many of us, even when we know the cause/project/event we are raising funds for is more than worthy. Marlis gave us some straightforward tips that can help when it comes to asking and learning to receive.

Our takeaways...

1) We're raised to think that inventions are more worthy of investment & funds than creative projects - why?

2) Often self-criticism is a bully. Track what the bully is saying to you, and be your own director who addresses those disempowering comments. Hear what the bully says and put them in their place.

3) Be confident in the worth of your project and communicate clearly about what you are creating.

4) Keep your audience engaged in conversation and creating your community - keep it fresh and relevant and show that you're always listening.

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