• Arielle Nobile

Mystic Soul Project: What does it mean to be Whole?

What does it mean to be whole? To be part of something important, to find adventure, to feel love?

The Mystic Soul Project's mission is to engage the wisdom, teaching, resources, and voices of People of Color at the intersections of spirituality, activism and healing. They believe that these three components, especially in communities of color, are inextricably interconnected and each one can function in its fullness only with the full engagement and embodiment of the other two parts.

Over the weekend, we were honored to have our film, The Story of Michael D. McCarty show at the Mystic Soul Conference. A venue for people to share their stories about healing and activism was the perfect setting for Michael's film, and we only hope that it engaged more conversation about building a wider, more empathetic community and being social agents of change!

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