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In their own words: Social Media Intern Elisha

Elisha has graduated from college and has decided to test her wings and fly. We wanted to share her perspective about her experience working here at Belonging in the USA. We pride ourself on continuous learning and feedback, and we appreciate her very candid insight. We wish you well in all that your path leads you towards.

Q. How did the job match your expectations?

A. Going in I didn’t really have very many expectations. The whole project was very new to me and I was up for a challenge, I was ready to try and take on whatever was asked of me.

Q. If you could make a change to your internship program, what would you change? What, if anything, about the company as a whole?

A. The beginning of the internship was a little difficult. It took awhile for me to fully understand expectations, due to the schedule. When I joined the team the schedule was very full, it took a while for all of the different resources to get passed to me. That was a little frustrating because it really limited what I could do. I was also expected to beginning working before I knew exactly what the project was which was a little stressful.

Q. How would you describe our company culture?

A. It seems like the culture is quick and efficient. Most of the roles are separate from each other but are put in contact when it is necessary.

Q. What were the most valuable aspects of the internship


A. I learned a great deal about communication in general, as it relates to getting a point across in a way the creates the whole picture. I gained a better understanding of different ways to use social media and technology as a whole. Additionally, I appreciated the parts of history that I learned through the experience.

Q. What will you do in your life as a result of working on the BUSA projects?

A. I think I will continue to engage in conversations about privilege and belonging. As well as trying to keep in mind overarching themes that exist throughout our society. Going forward I would also like to continue to listen and seek out the stories of survivors because they really need to be heard.

Q. Any suggestions/feedback?

A. Sharing materials and providing a strong background on the goals of the project earlier in the internship would be helpful.

Otherwise just a huge thank you!!!

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