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Meet the Neighbors Interview with Alicia Partnoy

Acclaimed writer and human rights activist Alicia Partnoy, graciously and humorously spent some time to answer a few questions.

Q. What has been the most surprising thing that has happened since the filming of the


A. That we had to film more, and we did that in my pandemic style presentations on zoom.

Q. What have you learned about yourself in being a part of this project?

A. That I collect too many photos and audiovisual stuff about our lives, but in such a messy way that things pop out of the most unusual places

Q. What hopes do you have for the future as it relates to humankind?

A. Too big a question, humankind be humankind, making the same or worse mistakes, but there will be always generous people giving their lives and energies to save us.

Q. What are the takeaways you would like the audience to come away with?

A. That solidarity helps you heal, that action for social change is not always in vain.

Q. What are you most proud to see after the screening of the project?

A. My daughters! I’m always proud of them, but to hear them talk and show their understanding of our lives moves me deeply.

Q. After the screening of the project, what is the one thing that makes you laugh, cry and


A. I blush when I hear so many people say so many nice things about me, it makes me laugh to see that my husband, who initially was not goi

ng to be part of this project but I pushed him in so I didn’t have to talk too much about politics and history, became a real star. His friends were surprised to see him in front of the camera!

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