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  • Heather Marchek-Lopez

Must See Live: Breaking Free of Barriers and Bullying

Watch the video on our Events Page.

Such an eye-opener conversation today. Susan O'Halloran is an expert facilitator and storyteller who helps guide groups within companies, universities and beyond to transform relationships and break down barriers that often relate to race and prejudice. She and Arielle discussed ways to overcome the divisions, judgments, and barriers that cause us harm and are creating a culture of bullying.

Sue has been featured in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, PBS, and ABC Nightline. Learn more about Sue on her websites and her incredible contributions to building bridges at and A conversation about race, prejudice, and bias is not an easy one - many white people hesitate to be open about it out of guilt and fear - but we have to remember that it's not personal. It's a societal issue. And these conversations will only strengthen our connection as a national community and understanding of one another.

We love this Resource Guide that Sue passed on to us. It is an extensive categorized list of books, DVD's, articles and even educational lesson plans to enlighten us further about building bridges and understanding prejudice.

Just a handful of my takeaways:

* We all have a 3-year-old inside of us, and when others toss out remarks to make us feel like outsiders or foreigners, we feel the hurt, no matter how old we are. The USA is not always a forgiving place, and we're not living up to our social potential as a society.

* If we created the racism and separation, we can un-create it. The construction of race was used to separate us - we were born into a system of inequities and used race create the insiders/outsiders, the haves/have-nots. Prejudice + power + time = institutional racism

* As slowly as things can change sometimes, opinions and connections can form in an instant when someone hears someone else's story and feels, "Me too."

Watch the video right now on our Events Page.

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