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It is central to our mission to create impactful community gatherings where we use the Belonging Series as a springboard for important, potentially uncomfortable conversations about pressing issues that affect us all.  

Past Screenings & Events 2019

  • Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (UMF)
    Suwanee Branch - Gwinnett County Public
  • Baltimore International Black Film Festival Screening
    SNF Parkway Theater
  • Awareness Film Festival Screening
    The Regal at LA Live
  • Panel: Diversity & Inclusivity
    The Regal at LA Live
  • Menlo Park Library Screening
    Menlo Park Main Library
  • No Labels No Walls - Workshop: “Storytelling as a Revolutionary Act" (Sep 23, 2019)
    Center Library Oodi
  • Borderscene Film Festival Screening (Sep 6 - 9, 2019)
    1005 El Paseo Rd
  • Borderscene Film Festival Online Viewing (Sep 4 - 9, 2019)
  • Flashpoint Chicago (Private Screening)
    Location is TBD
  • National Storytelling Network Screening
    Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley
  • San Francisco Black Film Festival: Screening 2
    AAACC - Nia Room (2nd Floor)
  • San Francisco Black Film Festival: Screening 1
    JHC (Fillmore Heritage Center)
  • The Mystic Soul Conference
    The Chicago High School for the Arts
  • Chicago Cultural Center Screening
    Chicago Cultural Center
  • Flashpoint Chicago/IFP Chicago Screening
    Flashpoint Chicago, a Campus of Columbia
  • PAFF Screening 3--Los Angeles
    Cinemark Baldwin Hills
  • PAFF Screening 2--Los Angeles
    Cinemark Baldwin Hills
  • PAFF Screening --Los Angeles
    Cinemark Baldwin Hills
  • CU Denver Screening--Standing Room Only Left!
    Casa Mayan

Past Screenings & Events 2018

  • I've Known Rivers Film Festival of arts, culture & education
    World Stage Performance Gallery
  • Iconic: Black Panther Chicago Opening Reception
    Stony Island Arts Bank

Lost Angeles Pilot Screening

Echo Park Film Center

September 27, 2018

For our first LA screening of the pilot, we chose a venue whose mission reflects the big ideas of our series.  Echo Park Film Center is a non-profit media arts organization committed to providing equal and affordable community access to film/video resources.  "We feel it is imperative that more members of marginalized communities become active participants in the creation and dissemination of experimental and documentary film in order to truly share the many powerful voices and visions that make up the fabric of contemporary life. With a special focus on “at risk” youth, EPFC programs and services use cinema as catalyst to inspire, educate, and empower communities." T

Thursday, Sept. 27th

8-10pm PT

1200 N. Alvarado St.

Los Angeles, California 90026

Echo Park Film Center screening.png

Chicago Pilot Screening

Oak Park International Film Festival

September 15, 2018

Our Pilot Episode of Belonging in the USA will be shown at this film festival along with several other inspiring pieces.

The theme for the 2018 Oak Park International Film Festival is “Reel Resistance.” This cinematic subject allows for intense investigation of the ways that individuals, collectives, and institutions foment change. From the spoken word to scientific intervention, we consider the reasoning and actions that critique and disrupt systems of hierarchy and oppression in film. Through this visual inquiry, we seek to provoke debate, confront convention and promote actions of social justice and civic engagement in the Festival’s unique form of “civic cinema.”  It’s free and open to the public.

Saturday, Sept. 15th

9am-1pm CT

834 Lake St., Oak Park, IL 60301

Oak Park International Film Festival.png

Chicago Pilot Screening

Conrad Sulzer Regional Library

September 5, 2018

Join us at Sulzer Regional Library, in Lincoln Square, for a live screening of our Pilot Episode of Belonging in the USA.  Watch the episode with us and stay for an inspiring discussion featuring Arielle and Michael himself.

Wednesday, Sept. 5th

5:30-8:30pm CT

4455 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60625

Chicago Pilot Screening

Woodson Regional Library

August 30, 2018

Join us at Woodson Regional Library for a live screening of our Pilot Episode of Belonging in the USA. Just minutes away from Chicago State University and the Beverly area.  Watch the episode with us and stay for an inspiring discussion featuring Arielle and Michael himself.

Thursday, Aug. 30th

5:30-8:30pm CT

9525 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60628  

Rough Cut Pilot Screening & Deep Talk

February 1, 2018

A private screening at Columbia College Chicago.

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