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  • Heather Marchek-Lopez

Must See Live: Spreading Love

Watch it now on our Events Page.

Another inspiring talk today - Arielle and Tara Clark, of Tara Clark Photography, discussed their mutual passion for spreading love and initiating conversations & connections with others amidst a national climate of fear, hate, and tension. It was an uplifting look at how small ways of reaching out to others can change our big picture. Tara is a Seattle-based, self-employed portrait photographer and founder of the Spread Love campaign. She has traveled the world on a shoestring and lived in various parts of the country and of the world, which has clarified her life's purpose. She believes all people are much more the same than they are different but our culture focuses on our differences - and that keep us very much separated. The grassroots Spread Love lawn sign campaign emerged from her desire to take a stand for what she believed amidst daily bombardment of negative, fear-based news and conversations. In 2017, the Spread Love campaign donated $52,500 to organizations doing vital work in our country to further the values of the Spread Love message.

Just a handful of my takeaways:

* Spreading love does not have to be a grand gesture - you can decide how you can put just a little more love out there in the world. Sometimes it's as simple as a smile and expanding your circle.

* Belonging is internal - not external. All of us struggle with belonging, and we tend to cling to others because it feels safe. It feels like connection, but it's not, until we speaking our own truth.

* At our base, we all want to help people. If we can let down our guards, we can come together as a community in any situation, not just the catastrophes.

We'd love to know your takeaways! Share some with us.

Watch it right now on our Events Page!

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