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  • Heather Marchek-Lopez

Must See Live: Ubuntu: A Beautiful World

Watch this video on our Events Page.

Artist/activist, YahNé Ndgo, and Arielle dove deep into the meaning of belonging, love, and what it will take to create a beautiful new world with more of both. An artist, activist, and abolitionist, YahNé Ndgo, is one of the builders of Ubuntu Nation, an emerging community being developed by activists that is based on love and connection and is anti-capitalist. She confronts oppression, helping groups and organizations identify and address the ways oppression shows up in their inward and outward facing work. Through one on one and small group coaching, YahNé helps individuals understand the practice and power of manifestation, guiding them to reclaim their freedom through the development of an empowered and liberated mindset. She is the mother of a young woman who is also an artist.

Just a handful of my takeaways:

* Ubuntu is an African philosophy that speaks to our connection to everything - I am because you are; there is no me without you.

* We are programmed to think that many practices in our culture are normal and proper - going into debt to buy the house we want right now, for instance. Many other cultures simply buy what is affordable and add on, sometimes several years, so their house is always something they own, not something their paying back over years.

* There is a way to empower the everyday person, so the want for making a change in the world isn't just talk anymore; it's action.

* It is possible to see "A world where people can get what they want & need, where people take care of each other, and where people are free to be themselves."

* "Black liberation is about the liberation of everybody."

Watch this video right now on our Events Page.

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